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Foscarini at 3 Days of Design: craftsmanship and creativity
Foscarini lights up NYCxDESIGN
The dual illumination of Spokes Ambient in a video installation
Fausto Gilberti’s big-eyed characters meet Foscarini lamps
30 years of Havana by Jozeph Forakis
Light, plasticine and humour: Stefano Colferai for “What’s in a Lamp?”
Luccico’s augmented reality for “What’s in a Lamp?”
Nile and Chiaroscura selected for the ADI Design Index 2023
Chiaroscura for a site-specific installation at Triennale Milano
Light and emotions in Allissand’s illustrations for “What’s in a lamp?”
Ball-pen dreamscape by Kevin Lucbert for “What’s in a Lamp?”
Maja Wrońska brings buildings to life through Foscarini lamps
A “Design Zoo”: Federico Babina’s creativity for “What’s in a Lamp?”
Creativity is interesting solutions for interesting problems.
VITE – chapter two. New cities, new homes, new VITE (lives)
The Unstoppable Creativity of Marc Sadler at Festivaletteratura
(IM)POSSIBLE NATURES at Milan Design Week 2023
It’s all a matter of seeing what others don’t see
Axis 1 Action 1.1.4 – D3Vero – 3D printing in the artistic glass sector to relaunch and innovate
What’s in a lamp? A creative project curated by Foscarini
Storytelling is a fundamental aspect of any visual work
James vs Wines – The Highrise of Meanings
30 years of creative freedom
Notturno Laviani
Enthralled by Objects: Ferruccio Laviani at Festivaletteratura
Ingo Maurer enters the Foscarini hub of creativity
Lights and delights in the Garden of Eden
Uptown: City of Light
Battiti: a design investigation of light and ceramics
VITE (LIVES) and its stories, now in bookstores
Plena: enchanting light
Foscarini and the ADI Compasso d’Oro
VITE Photo Exhibition in New York
A journey in time
An unexpected mineral world
Ten years after Compasso D’Oro: an interview with Marc Sadler
A conversation with Rodolfo Dordoni
Reverse Room: a surreal, upside-down installation by James Wines
The Light Bulb Series
A multisensorial installation for Maestrie
Postcards of Light
Twice Light – New York
Fiber evolution
Vertigine: Settings, atmospheres and emotions

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