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Inventario —
Tutto è progetto (Everything is design)

Inventario is not a magazine, Inventario is not a book. Inventario is a publishing concept that describes all the disciplines that merge into the melting pot of creativity. It files away, it investigates, it builds bridges and it sparks ideas: it stimulates us to observe what surrounds us with a more curious, enlightened and free perspective, every day.

  • “To invent”: to conceive, create, imagine.

    “To inventory”: to collect, enumerate, preserve.

Inventario, which is set up like a magazine but produced like a book, is a research container. Inventario contains unexpected associations of ideas which connect projects, works, authors, presenting us with a thought path we are invited to follow. An invitation to look beyond, because everything always contains more than just a cover.

In 2014, “INVENTARIO” won the ADI Compasso d’Oro award.

Convinced that method and order – key words in design – can be found inside everything, we imagined a container in which to collect and sort them. In each issue, Inventario shifts freely from one discipline to another, yet they all share the same logic of creation: a project is an object, a work, a building, but also the portion of a natural environment, the preparation of a specific culinary dish, the organisation of a journey, a snapshot photo or the writing of a story. A company that designs thrives on curiosity: invention and experimentation do not exist without a little folly and without the desire to try, often irrespective of common sense. But to look at reality with genuine curiosity – free, independent, provocative and sometimes even paradoxical – a company sometimes has to have the courage to disappear. Every issue of Inventario is built on the founding values of Foscarini – experimentation, creativity, care, design intelligence and the courage to pay attention – but there is nothing about Foscarini in Inventario. Directed by Beppe Finessi and edited by Corraini, Inventario is an indivisible whole in the contemporary publishing landscape. Free to roam, investigate, provoke, stimulate, engage without any compensation except the pleasure of doing so. And add, in each issue, a piece of sense to that magnum sea that is design culture . An extremely valuable publishing project with a unique and unmistakable approach that has enabled Foscarini to clinch the prestigious ADI Compasso d’Oro award. The jury of the XIII ADI Compasso d’Oro thus motivated the awarding of the prize “for the ability to summarise culturally elevated topics with lightness, illustrating them with a strong visual identity and quality of the publishing product”.

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