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Twice Light – New York

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An art project designed by Gianluca Vassallo that provides photographic documentation of the subtle relationship that can arise between two strangers when they are invited to look one another in the eyes under the arch of Twiggy.

More than 120 shots for more than 120 encounters between people, strangers up to that moment, under the arch of the Twice as Twiggy lamp. The iconic lamp, designed by Marc Sadler and proposed in a giant version, plays the starring role of the public spaces of a black and white New York City with a decidedly timeless charm, defining an appealing area that is at the same time the boundary of a possibility.

The artist Gianluca Vassallo put together and caught on camera small temporary communities, creating art through a social experiment. He invited passers-by, strangers, to look one another in the eye for one minute, under the embrace of light of the Twice as Twiggy between Soho, Central Park, Coney Island and Chelsea, trying to reveal the thin thread that joins two people, albeit strangers to one another until that moment and therefore, metaphorically, to highlight the closeness of each one, to all humanity.

  • Exhibition
  • Photography
  • Sadler
  • Twiggy

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