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The Unstoppable Creativity of Marc Sadler at Festivaletteratura

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During the Festivaletteratura event in Mantua, Italy, the designer and inventor Marc Sadler captivated the audience with intriguing career anecdotes and his talent for innovation in a talk with Beppe Finessi, sponsored by Foscarini.

On Saturday, September 9, 2023, during the event Festivaletteratura, a captivating talk took place at the stunning Teatro Bibiena in Mantua. Marc Sadler was interviewed by Beppe Finessi, leaving the large audience spellbound. Sadler shared intriguing anecdotes about his lengthy career and his knack for creating innovative solutions across various industries.

One such example was his groundbreaking work in the 1970s, where he revolutionized ski boots. While bedridden in the hospital after a snow accident, Sadler envisioned using plastic as a safer alternative to the traditional leather ski boots of that era. This led to the creation of the first thermoplastic ski boot. His ingenuity didn’t stop there. Collaborating with Dainese, Sadler designed a motorcycling suit that provided exceptional protection for athletes, introducing features like the now widely-used back protector worn by numerous champions.

Being a true advocate of innovation, Sadler has been the recipient of four Compasso d’Oro Awards, including one for the Mite and Tite lamps he designed for Foscarini in 2000.

“I got to know Foscarini during a period when I was living in Venice, and Mite was the first project we developed together. For me, Foscarini was a small company that worked with glass, a focus that was quite different from what I was doing. One day, I met one of the partners by chance, on a vaporetto. Conversing about our work, he told me about a theme that was on his mind at the time. He asked me to think about a project that would capture the sense of uncertainty of glass – that handmade aspect that is impossible to control and grants every object its own personality – but could also be industrially produced, in a coordinated vision. We parted with a promise to think about the idea.”

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Sadler’s creative contributions extended to Foscarini’s iconic Twiggy lamp, “which has become a staple in the world of floor lamps, following the renowned Arco lamp by Castiglioni,” stated Beppe Finessi, who also recalled how Twiggy is, for example, often featured in numerous advertising campaigns for various companies outside of Foscarini.

Throughout his illustrious career, Sadler has skillfully transferred his knowledge and expertise across sectors.

“I have embraced versatility throughout my career, designing a wide range of products, from shoes to lamps, ice cream counters to hot tubs. By attentively listening to my clients’ needs, I have strived to create objects that not only fulfill their requirements but also cater to the needs and desires of the public. This is what I enjoy doing”

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