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30 years of Havana by Jozeph Forakis

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In the ever-evolving landscape of design, some creations stand the test of time, becoming iconic symbols of innovation and creativity. Havana by Jozeph Forakis is one such masterpiece celebrating its 30th anniversary.

Discover Havana

An iconic designer lamp, that brightened homes and etched its presence into the collective imagination, emerging as a timeless archetype in the world of lighting. Born in 1993, Havana established itself as a new luminous object: a medium-height lamp, almost a new typology, with a strikingly visible diffuser that gracefully spread light from its core. A familiar figure, a “character” with whom to establish a personal relationship, easy to insert in any setting, bringing it character with its warm light.

The development process was meticulous, starting with prototypes in glass and fiberglass. The team faced challenges in finding the right balance between cost, weight, and lighting efficiency. In a groundbreaking move, the decision was made to shift from glass to plastic, marking a pivotal moment for Foscarini as it contributed to define the company’s commitment to keeping design at the heart of everything – without setting limits and without compromises, to fully nurture the spirit of each design project. Jozeph Forakis recalls:

“Havana was the first Foscarini lamp made in plastic material. It was a risk, but Foscarini proved to be very courageous, and decided to wager on this absolute novelty.”

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Havana’s success didn’t come without challenges. Initially met with skepticism by some dealers, it soon became a design archetype. The lamp’s inclusion in the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) New York’s collection in 1995 elevated its status, cementing its place in design history.

Over the years, Havana has evolved, introducing variations and expansions, including outdoor models, while retaining its unmistakable form and the ability to evoke emotional resonance with its warm and familiar presence.


30 Years of Havana
— Foscarini Design stories
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“Download the exclusive e-book dedicated to the 30th anniversary of Havana, featuring an in-depth interview with Jozeph Forakis, and learn more about the lamp’s development, the courage behind material choices, and its lasting impact on the design world.

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