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Enthralled by Objects: Ferruccio Laviani at Festivaletteratura

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In a captivating talk led by Beppe Finessi as part of Festivaletteratura 2022, Ferruccio Laviani shared his passion and unique approach to object and experience design.

On September 10, 2022, at the evocative Teatro Bibiena, the talk “Enthralled by Objects” took place, featuring designer Ferruccio Laviani interviewed by Beppe Finessi. Laviani took the audience on a fascinating journey through his experience in the world of design. Starting from his roots in the school of lutherie and transitioning through furniture design, he shared his reflections on creating objects that go beyond mere functionality, aiming to evoke emotions and personal connections.

“The world is full of windows filled with chairs, lamps, and tables, so why should anyone choose a new one designed by me? The answer is simple: to make people see my products with the same eyes as when they fall in love with someone.”

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With humility and sincerity, the designer recounted anecdotes from his career, offering an intimate look at his most iconic works and the challenges faced along the creative journey. Stimulated by Beppe Finessi’s questions, Laviani shared his philosophy behind creating objects that blend different styles and influences, giving life to creations that defy time and conventional styles, opening new perspectives on creativity and contemporary aesthetics.

To relive the experience of the talk and immerse yourself in the universe of Ferruccio Laviani, you can watch the video of the speech following the link below.

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