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Notturno Laviani

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There are many ways to celebrate a collaboration that has been lasting for 30 years. We have chosen to do so by fueling the creativity fire: with the gaze of Gianluca Vassallo, artist-photographer, on Ferruccio Laviani’s sculptural lamps.

With Notturno Laviani, Gianluca Vassallo interprets the lamps that Ferruccio Laviani has been designing for Foscarini since 1992. The project is built on an idea of light that the artist imagined while listening to a song: a very Italian light that he featured in its dual intimate and public guise.

Notturno Laviani is a tale organized in episodes. Fourteen shots where lamps inhabit alien spaces: significant environments where the distance between objects and context multiplies meanings. The viewer is thus brought to seek personal interpretations around an imaginary of light that belongs to all of us but that we all see with our personal sensibility.


30 Years of Orbital
— Foscarini Design stories
Creativity & Freedom

Download the exclusive e-book Foscarini Design stories — 30 years of Orbital and learn more about the collaboration between Foscarini and Laviani.
A fertile interchange, based on elective affinities, extending across three decades as a pathway of mutual growth.

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