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The dual illumination of Spokes Ambient in a video installation

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At the Milan Design Week 2024, a video installation by Francesco Meneghini unveils the latest version of the SPOKES AMBIENT lamp designed by Garcia/Cumini.

A scenographic tunnel that captivates the gaze, a choreography of video, music, and light highlights the innovative feature of Spokes Ambient compared to the original design: personal management of the lighting effect. Thanks to the two independent and dimmable LED sources, with Spokes Ambient, it’s now possible to adjust the illumination according to your needs and preferences: the upward-facing source illuminates the environment with reflected light, while the downward-facing one illuminates the work surface. Lightweight volumes that contain the light and project a kaleidoscope of lights and shadows.

“We observe a flow of landscapes that defy the ordinary, a sequence of desert scenarios, punctuated by the slow wave of elevator horizons that seem to almost breathe. In the intersection of these interpenetrating images, the visitor travels while listening to the pulsation of an unprecedented cosmos. This is light that transforms, that narrates, that invites to get lost in a silent expansion. Foscarini, with this installation, not only illuminates but plays a visual melody for the eyes”.

/ Director and Video Maker

  • Installation
  • Milan Design Week

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