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The Light Bulb Series

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“The Light Bulb Series” is a signature collection based on reflection on the light bulb as archetype, with its typical rounded form, poetically interpreted in a series of surprising disruptions.

“An idea that suggests a critical reflection on the absolutely non-iconic forms of modern LED lamps”. James Wines approaches this paradigm through explorations that gravitate around the main themes of his architectural research. These themes are inversion, dissolution, nature, all those states of “architectural defect” that allow us to rethink reality, granting it form and dissolving its boundaries at the same time. A drive towards experimentation, towards doing better but also doing differently, that has always been part of the spirit of Foscarini as well.

Composed of a number of carefully selected pieces, in numbered limited editions; The Light Bulb Series includes five different interpretations of this luminous icon. The collection is accompanied by a monograph on the work of the SITE studio, which encourages us to think about a world – of design, and therefore of possibility – in which we can always imagine shedding light in a different way.

/ Black Light
A light bulb socket that emits light, while the bulb remains black and “dark”: a pure inversionof functions and parts.

/ Candle Light
A candle on a light bulb: a short circuit between different ways and effects of shedding light. Two histories of lighting technique, the flame and the tungsten that blend and form a new ambiguous, paradoxical object.

/ Melting Light
As during fusion, a bulb immortalized in a photogram, halfway between form and liquefaction, suspended in a state of transition, becomes the evanescent icon of a ghost.

/ Plant Light
A bulb invaded by nature, pebbles and earth, can vanish as a bulb and be transformed as a terrarium, or in a bulb-pot for the plant that colonizes it.

/ White Light
The matrix, still intact, the basic icon and archetype of enlightenment.

All the pieces of the series are exhibited in the REVERSE ROOM, a special installation created by James Wines with his daughter Suzan Wines, designed to bring out the characteristics of surreal inversion of these variations on a theme.

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