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Plena: enchanting light

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Plena is named and shaped after the moon, with a light that will simply win you over. A suspension lamp with a unique charm, it plays the starring role of the installation curated by Ferruccio Laviani who plays with light and its reflections.

Make room for light: the Milanese installation best tells the creative register of Plena and the synthesis between shape and function, between performance and poetry which identifies it.
The suspension lamp designed by Eugenio Gargoni and Guillaume Albouy, featuring large dimensions yet with a dynamic and light-weight presence, has double lighting: reflected onto the surface underneath it and diffused up towards the ceiling.

Plena is a cradle containing the light source which, like all that is essential, is concealed from view. Designed to illuminate a room completely while remaining soft and enveloping, it is perfectly placed on top of a table, where it never causes glare.
The fabric – a double special PVC canvas with high light reflectivity, resulting from Foscarini’s unwavering research on materials – is magical: it retains the shape as if it were full, yet it does not require any reinforcements, or muscle, and is a perfectly natural gesture. The image changes depending on the observer’s perspective and its arched silhouette conveys a feeling of levity and flight. Plena looks like a veil about to blow in the wind.

“The set-up dedicated to Plena was inspired by the lamp itself as I observed it, trying to understand it and interpret it. Even through the shape is the most immediate aspect that identifies it, trying to illustrate the quality of its light – and in this, its uniqueness – was my main objective. Just like the moons shines brightest on those nights of the full moon, similarly in Plena the indirect light enhances its design, linking it even more to the term which lends it its name, i.e. Louksna, from the root Leuk: Light or Reflected Light. And it is precisely the story of this ‘Spell’ that I wanted to tell through an understated installation, where I wanted to show the hidden face of the full moon (‘Plena’) through the use of simple circular mirrors that float like other satellites in the empty space. A whim, an almost vain gesture, in admiring oneself and being admired, without ever fully revealing the magical side that distinguishes it”.


Discover more about Plena, suspension lamp designed by Eugenio Gargioni and Guillaume Albouy.

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