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  • INVENTARIO 15 Everything is a project cm 21 x 27 | 160 pages | paperback | 10,00 € English and Italian texts ISBN 978-88-7570-880-1

  • An editorial initiative created and managed by Beppe Finessi, edited by Corraini, promoted and supported by Foscarini.

In its fifteenth issue and tenth year, INVENTARIO continues its discussion on design culture, bringing together art, architecture and design in a free and interdisciplinary exchange.

The cover is dedicated to the pencil: a common and simple object, within everyone’s reach. For that reason it goes unseen, but it has its own unexpected beauty and it is the bearer of a social and cultural history. Between the pages of INVENTARIO 15 we find the sections that arrange its contents in a flow of thoughts, objects and images. In “Bounces” Beppe Finessi explores the meanings of the relationship between “full” and “void”, “visible” and “invisible”, while in “Judicious Pairings” Stefania Di Maria collects works that share the theme of “NO”. “Personal Inventory” presents an original design manual through the work of Corrado Levi. In turn, Corrado Levi shows Lina Bo Bardi’s “Seduta da bordo strada”, created in 1967, through his own “Why”. Manolo De Giorgi’s section “Hues”, after talking about orange and green in recent issues, this time focuses on works, objects and spaces marked by the colour brown. Paolo Bocchi’s “Normal Wonders”, with drawings by Marco Manini, transforms everyday objects into “poetic anonymities”. For “Myths of Today” Francesca Picchi chooses James Irvine, retracing the stages of his work as a designer, while Giulio Iacchetti’s “Short Notes” are dedicated to the pipe. In “Lessons”, Alberto Meda talks about his concept of industrial design through some of the projects developed during his career. The protagonist of “Temporalia” by Elisa Testori is tape: a material dear to contemporary artists. Finally, Roberta Valtorta’s “Other Gazes” is dedicated to carousels and their evocative power, combining travel, games and dreams. The pictures that open and close issue n. 15 of Inventario are by Valentina Sommariva who interpreted the lamp Buds by Rodolfo Dordoni and Satellight by Eugenie Quittlet.


  • I — 211.
    Copertina ⁄ Cover

    Matita ⁄ Pencil
    di ⁄ by Luca Cotini

  • I — 212.
     L’anima temperata con la grafite ⁄ The essence honed by graphite

    di ⁄ by Stefano Salis

  • I — 213.
    Rimbalzi ⁄ Bounces

    di ⁄ by Beppe Finessi

  • I — 214.
     Accoppiamenti Giudiziosi ⁄ Judicious Pairings

    di ⁄ by Stefania di Maria

  •  I — 215.
    Inventario per Autori ⁄ Personal Inventory

    Corrado Levi
    Un manuale di progettazione
    ⁄ A design manual
    di ⁄ by Beppe Finessi

  •  I — 216.
    Cromie ⁄ Hues

    Marrone ⁄ Brown
    di ⁄ by Manolo De Giorgi

  • I — 217.
    Perché ⁄ Why

    Lina Bo Bardi
    Sedia da bordo strada
    ⁄ Roadside chair
    di ⁄ by Corrado Levi

  • I — 218.
    Normali Meraviglie ⁄ Normal Wonders

    Anonimi poetici
    ⁄ Poetic anonymities
    di ⁄ by Paolo Bocchi
    disegni di ⁄ drawings by
    Marco Manini

  • I — 219.
    Miti d’Oggi ⁄ Myths of Today

    James Irvine
    di ⁄ by Francesca Picchi

  • I — 220.
    Brevi Note ⁄ Short Notes

    Pipe ⁄ Pipes
    testi e disegni di
    ⁄ texts and drawings by
    Giulio Iacchetti

  • I — 221.
    Lezioni ⁄ Lessons

    Industrial design
    testi e progetti di
    ⁄ texts and projects by
    Alberto Meda

  • I — 222.

    Scotch ⁄ Tape
    di ⁄ by Elisa Testori

  • I — 223.
    Altri Sguardi ⁄ Other Gazes

    Giostre ⁄ Carousels
    di ⁄ by Roberta Valtorta

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