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  • INVENTARIO 08 Everything is a project cm 21 x 27 | 160 pages | paperback | 10,00 € English and Italian texts ISBN978-88-7570-427-8

  • An editorial initiative created and managed by Beppe Finessi, edited by Corraini, promoted and supported by Foscarini.

Featuring a suitcase on the cover, Issue 08 is packed with a rich selection of content.

Suitcases play an important part in our collective memory. They remind us of our personal life stories. Inventario 08 opens with a cover story dedicated to the suitcase, elaborated in different interpretations by nine authors who have worked on this container of personal effects, which, more so than other things, refers back to our own history and way of life. Within the pages of this issue we find a tribute to one of the queens of Italian art, Carol Rama, through a presentation of her intense life and “powerful, moving, open-minded and solitary” works. Featured modular bookcases created by young designers prove that intuition and experimentation are paramount in the world of design. On-going columns include: “Bagatelle”, which focuses on hands in this issue; “Other Cases, Other Houses”, dedicated to a project by Carlo Mollino; “New Masters” which features an interview with Jasper Morrison by Marco Romanelli. For each issue, Foscarini invites a different internationally renowned photographer to give an original interpretation of the models of its lighting collection for the opening and closing cover spreads. Previous photographers collaborating with Foscarini on Inventario include Massimo Gardone, Max Rommel, Moreno Gentili, Lena Amuat, Emmanuel Mathez, Gionata Xerra and Sanja Pupovac. Inventatio 8 brings the work of Claudio Gobbi who showcases two scenes taken in old buildings in Berlin, both rich in personality and steeped in a timeless atmosphere.


  • I — 112.

    M come mani ⁄ H as in Hand
    di ⁄ by Francesco Cataluccio
    ricerca e commenti ⁄ research
    and descriptions Matteo Pirola

  • I — 113. 
    Specie di Spazi ⁄ Species of Spaces

    Rudolf Stingel, Palazzo Grassi, 2013 di ⁄ by Deborah Duva

  • I — 114.
    Altri Casi, Altre Case ⁄ Other Cases, Other Houses

    Carlo Mollino. Camera-studio
    Ettore Caretta, Torino, 1941
    di ⁄ by Manolo De Giorgi

  • I — 115.
    Punto Tecnico ⁄ Technical Matters

    Librerie smontabili
    ⁄ Collapsible bookcases
    di ⁄ by Daniele Greppi

  • I — 116.
    Architetti trasversali ⁄ Crossover architects

    Allan Wexler
    di ⁄ by Michele Calzavara

  • I — 117. 
    Nuovi Maestri ⁄ New Masters

    Jasper Morrison
    di ⁄ by Marco Romanelli

  • I — 118.
    Brevi Note ⁄ Short Notes

    Apribottiglie ⁄ Bottle openers
    testi e disegni di ⁄ texts and drawings
    by Giulio Iacchetti

  • i — 119.
    Futuro Prossimo ⁄ Near Future

    Marco Botti, Daniel Eatock,
    Helmut Smits
    di ⁄ by Paolo Bocchi

  • i — 120.
    Inventario per autori ⁄ Personal inventory

    Giovanni Levanti
    di ⁄ by Alessandro Mendini

  • i — 121. 
    Normali meraviglie ⁄ Normal Wonder

    Haim Steinbach
    di ⁄ by Francesco Garutti

  • i — 122.
    Altri sguardi ⁄ Other gazes

    Roberto Salbitani
    di ⁄ by Roberta Valtorta

  • i — 123.
    Accoppiamenti giudiziosi ⁄ Judicious pairings

    Bibbia la Sacra ⁄ Holy Bible
    di ⁄ by Roberto Marone

  • i — 124. 
    Assoluti ⁄ Absolutes

    Disturbi semantici ⁄ Bruno Munari, 1968
    di ⁄ by Stefano Bartezzaghi
    con un commento di
    ⁄ with a comment by Steve Piccolo

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