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  • INVENTARIO 14 Everything is a project cm 21 x 27 | 160 pages | paperback | 10,00 € English and Italian texts ISBN 978-88-7570-749-1

  • An editorial initiative created and managed by Beppe Finessi, edited by Corraini, promoted and supported by Foscarini.

The cover of issue 14 is dedicated to the fan. Showing and hiding, telling endless stories from one gesture, fans move not only air but also attention.

In the pages of INVENTARIO, the stream of thoughts, objects and images unfolds in the usual columns. Beppe Finessi explores the multiple possibilities of meaning that space can assume in “Bounces”, while in “Other Gazes” Roberta Valtorta explores Robert Frank and his photography. In “Temporalia”, Chiara Fauda Pichet focuses on overcoming fractures, an idea with a strong symbolic value. The reflection continues in “Species of Spaces”, where Matteo Pirola and Gianni Faraci describe the “Grande Cretto” of Gibellina by Alberto Burri. For “Absolutes”, Andrea Anastasio chooses Mona Hatoum and her “Map”, an atlas of the world made of glass beads that inspires a reflection on freedom and power, while Paolo Bocchi proposes “Tutto Cambia”, a carpet by Bruno Munari with combinations of coloured shapes and threads left free to move. Lorenzo Damiani is interviewed by Marco Romanelli in “New Masters”, while guitars are at the centre of Giulio Iacchetti’s “Short Notes”. Corrado Levi presents Franco Albini’s “Veliero” bookcase, while Maria Elisa Cecchi dedicates “Normal Wonders” to Amalia Pica. Manolo De Giorgi’s column “Hues”, which was launched in issue 13, continues with a selection of works, objects and spaces in green. The images that open and close issue no. 14 of Inventario are by the Belgian photographer Katrien De Blauwer, who surprises us with the results of the application of her particular visual language to the narration of the lamps Bahia and Fields from the Foscarini collection. The “photographer without a camera” works with the collage technique to represent things not as they are but as we see them.


  • I — 197.
    Copertina ⁄ Cover

    Ventaglio ⁄ Fan
    di ⁄ by Davide Pizzigoni

  • I — 198.
    Filippo de Pisis

    di ⁄ by Corrado Levi

  • I — 199.
    Rimbalzi ⁄ Bounces

    di ⁄ by Beppe Finessi

  • I — 200.
     Altri Sguardi ⁄ Other Gazes

    Robert Frank
    di ⁄ by Roberta Valtorta

  • I — 201.

    Superare le fessurazioni
    ⁄ Getting over cracks
    di ⁄ by Chiara Fauda Pichet

  • I — 202.
    Specie di Spazi ⁄ Species of Spaces

    Alberto Burri
    Grande Cretto
    di ⁄ by Matteo Pirola
    e ⁄ and Gianni Faraci

  • I — 203.
     Assoluti ⁄ Absolutes

    Mona Hatoum
    di ⁄ by Andrea Anastasio

  • I — 204.
    Accoppiamenti Giudiziosi ⁄ Judicious Pairings

    Elefanti ⁄ Elephants
    di ⁄ by Giada Boromello

  • I — 205.
     Nuovi Maestri ⁄ New Masters

    Lorenzo Damiani
    di ⁄ by Marco Romanelli

  • I — 206.
    Brevi Note ⁄ Short Notes

    Chitarre ⁄ Guitars
    testi e disegni di
    ⁄ texts and drawings by
    Giulio Iacchetti

  • I — 207.
    Perché ⁄ Why

    Franco Albini
    di ⁄ by Corrado Levi

  • I — 208.
    Assoluti ⁄ Absolutes

    Bruno Munari
    Tutto Cambia
    di ⁄ by Paolo Bocchi

  • I — 209.
    Normali Meraviglie ⁄ Normal Wonders

    Amalia Pica
    di ⁄ by Marta Elisa Cecchi

  • I — 210.
     Cromie ⁄ Hues

    Verde ⁄ Green
    di ⁄ by Manolo De Giorgi

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