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  • INVENTARIO 12 Everything is a project cm 21 x 27 | 160 pages | paperback | 10,00 € English and Italian texts ISBN 978-88-7570-618-0

  • An editorial initiative created and managed by Beppe Finessi, edited by Corraini, promoted and supported by Foscarini.

Strengthened by a prestige conquered number after number, INVENTARIO is at home in every city in the world. Issue 12 was presented at the Italian Cultural Institute in Stockholm.

An official evening to present Inventario 12 was held at the Italian Culture Institute in Stockholm on the occasion of Stockholm Design Week in february 2017. Inside the historic building designed by Gio Ponti, the professional portraits which introduce and conclude each issue of the bookzine – interpretations of one or more Foscarini models by internationally-renowned photographers – have been turned into the stars of a very special installation. Three of the photographers who took these shots (Gianluca Vassallo, Emmanuel Mathez and Sanja Pupovac) explained behind the scenes of their work, while Marco Romanelli, one of the authors of INVENTARIO and a great expert on Gio Ponti’s work, illustrated the characteristics of the special location which hosted the event. The leitmotiv was, as ever, design in all its facets and beauty in every aspect, from the light weight of a feather, the topic addressed by the cover page, to the creativity of Marion Baruch and the visions of Krzysztof Wodiczko, who voice the issues of the “marginalised”, from the reality told by the eyes and by the very language of the artists to the snaps taken by Francesca Woodman, from the simplicity of everyday objects, such as a clothes hanger or a clothes peg, to the work of designers the likes of Finnish Harri Koskinen, Alessandro Mendini and SITES. Printed in Italian and in English and distributed by the best bookshops across the globe, INVENTARIO was first launched in 2010 and has grown non-stop ever since, confirming its specificity. INVENTARIO explores, analyses, investigates, and finds a design angle on the most unexpected topics. It is a free and unconditioned think tank, which interprets and expresses Foscarini’s DNA with the utmost consistency bringing to the light unprecedented visions, a focus on always pursuing new meanings, which are at the heart of the company’s creative process, present only in the opening and closing of the issue, in the interpretation of an ever-changing photographer. In this issue it is the turn of Faber Torchio who interprets the Lightweight and Orbital lamps.


  • I — 170.
    Normali Meraviglie ⁄ Normal Wonders

    Joseph Cornell
    di ⁄ by Stefano Salis

  • I — 171.
    Assoluti ⁄ Absolutes

    Mathieu Mercier
    Mur de chevilles 1993
    di ⁄ by Paolo Bocchi

  • I — 172.
    Architetti Trasversali ⁄ Crossover Architects

    Krzysztof Wodiczko
    di ⁄ by Michele Calzavara

  • I — 173.

    di ⁄ by Francesco M. Cataluccio

  • I — 174.
    Fili Rossi ⁄ Fil Rouge

    Marion Baruch
    di ⁄ by Francesco Garutti

  • I — 175.
    Miti d’Oggi ⁄ Myths of Today

    Francesca Woodman
    di ⁄ by Roberta Valtorta

  • I — 176.  
    Accoppiamenti Giudiziosi ⁄ Judicious Pairings

    Grucce ⁄ Coat hangers
    di ⁄ by Chiara Fauda Pichet

  • I — 177.

    di ⁄ by Daniele Greppi

  • I — 178.
    Nuovi Maestri ⁄ New Masters

    Harri Koskinen
    di ⁄ by Marco Romanelli

  • I — 179.
    Brevi Note ⁄ Short Notes

    Mollette ⁄ Clothespins
    testi e disegni di
    ⁄ texts and drawings by
    Giulio Iacchetti

  • I — 180.  
    Specie di Spazi ⁄ Species of Spaces

    Alessandro Mendini
    Parco Stella, Hokkaidō
    di ⁄ by Matteo Pirola

  • I — 181.  
    Altri Casi, Altre Case ⁄ Other Cases, Other Houses

    Laurie Mallet House,
    New York, 1985
    di ⁄ by Deborah Duva

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