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  • INVENTARIO 03 Everything is a project cm 21 x 27 | 160 pages | paperback | 10,00 € English and Italian texts ISBN 978-88-7570-310-3

  • An editorial initiative created and managed by Beppe Finessi, edited by Corraini, promoted and supported by Foscarini.

A curiosity for knowledge both great and small, has inspired this all-round investigation on design, architecture and art.

“But couldn’t you do it another way? – Bruno Munari always asked. Yes, things can always offer another point of view and you can always imagine the opposite” explains Beppe Finessi, introducing the contents of this issue. “On our part, here at Inventario, every day we try to calibrate our tools, read columns, to be better apprised of what is going on around us: this time, with ‘Sequenze’, we are trying to read the influences and affinities between fashion, art and design in one go, as in a film; with ‘Specie di Spazi’ we are discovering other ways, which are experimental and extreme, to think about the architecture of interiors; with ‘Altri Casi, Altre Case’(Other Cases, Other Homes) we are staring wide-eyed at the mocking and enigmatic hypotheses for another domestic culture.” The columns introduced in the first two issues remain, including “Nuovi Maestri” (New Masters) , with a lengthy interview with Paolo Ulian, “Accoppiamenti giudiziosi” (Judicious pairings) which reveals the relations between design and art, an astounding collection of everyday objects by Michele Provinciali for the “Normali Meraviglie” (Normal Wonders) column, whereas in “Vite come Progetto” (Life as a Project) we are curious to read the story of W. Reginald Bray, the man who challenged the efficiency of the English postal service and managed – successfully – to send himself. Inventario is an independent publishing project, which does not talk about Foscarini but is the spokesperson for the values and ambitions of its DNA. The collection is present only at the opening and closing of the issue, interpreted each time by a different photographer, as a wish for a good reading. In the third issue of the magazine it is the turn of Moreno Gentili who interprets the Aplomb and Gregg outdoor lamps.


  • I — 01.
    Giulio Iacchetti

    per ⁄ for Inventario
    Aperto per Inventario ⁄ Open
    for Inventario
    di ⁄ by Stefano Salis

  • I — 02.
    Normali Meraviglie ⁄ Normal Wonders

    Eva Marguerre ⁄ Verena
    Stella Gompf

  • I — 03.

    Altalene ⁄ Swings
    di ⁄ by Francesco M. Cataluccio
    ricerca e commenti ⁄ research and
    descriptions Pierluigi Anselmi

  • I — 04.
    L’architettura dell’Arte ⁄The architecture of Art

    Monika Sosnowska
    di ⁄ by Francesco Garutti

  • I — 05.
    Accoppiamenti giudiziosi ⁄Judicious pairing

    Studioli ⁄ Cabinet
    di ⁄ by Manolo De Giorgi,
    Marco Minuz

  • I — 06.
    Futuro Prossimo ⁄ Near Future

    Tomás Alonso, Aldo Bakker,
    Nicolas Le Moigne,
    di ⁄ by Cristina Miglio

  • I — 07.
    Cosa segue cosa

    Ingrid Hora
    a cura di ⁄ edited by
    Lungomare Bolzano:
    Angelika Burtscher e ⁄ and
    Daniele Lupo

  • I — 08.
    Punto Tecnico ⁄ Technical Matters

    Sedia Robo ⁄ Robo Chair
    Luca Nichetto ⁄ Offecct
    di ⁄ by Daniele Greppi

  • I — 09.
    Nuovi Maestri ⁄ New Masters

    Konstantin Grcic di ⁄ by Marco Romanelli

  • I — 10.
     Teoria ⁄ Theory

     Norman Potter: etica e pratica per essere un designer ⁄ ethics and practice for being a designer di ⁄ by Marco Rainò

  • I — 11.
    Good Design

    Noce ⁄ Walnut di ⁄ by Deborah Duva disegni ⁄ drawings Marco Manini

  • I — 12.
    Piccole cose ⁄ Small things

    Piccole azioni di grande importanza ⁄ Small actions of great importance di ⁄ by Mirko Zardini

  • I — 13.
    Vite come progetto ⁄ Lives as projects

    William Kamkwamba di ⁄ by Mariana Siracusa disegni ⁄ drawings Marco Manini

  • I — 14.
    Architetti trasversali ⁄ Crossover architects

    Didier Fiuza Faustino di ⁄ by Michele Calzavara

  • I — 15.
    Costruzioni per indizi ⁄ Construction by clues

    Guy Rottier di ⁄ by Anna Foppiano

  • I — 16.
    Piante ⁄ Plans

    Italo Lupi di ⁄ by Marco Belpoliti

  • I — 17.
    Inventario per autori ⁄ Personal inventory

    Attilio Stocchi di ⁄ by Matteo Pirola

  • I — 18.
    Altri sguardi ⁄ Other gazes

    Tancredi Mangano. Da una certa distanza ⁄ From a certain distance di ⁄ by Roberta Valtorta

  • I — 19.
    Assoluti ⁄ Absolutes

    Corrado Levi­ Salto Epistemologico ⁄ Epistemological Leap di ⁄ by Paolo Bocchi

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