The “know-how” of a territory that has made the birth of products of extreme quality possible.

If Foscarini exists, it is also thanks to its geographical location.

Not only the zone of Venice with its excellent production of glass, but also the entire fabric of crafts firms in the centre-north of Italy, which has led to the formation and prosperity of industrial districts. The relationship with the territory is a fertile one, based on reciprocity. We select the Maestrie – the finest expertise, the most remarkable skills – to give form to our projects. By doing this, we help often small businesses to survive, to live and to grow. Our “hands-on making” also has a social value: it means preservation.

MAESTRIE is the story of practical choice that is also a philosophy of thought.

The narrative of the crafts know-how thanks to which some of Foscarini’s icons have come to life. A tribute to the productive prowess of these small and medium companies of Made in Italy, to whom we turn, from time to time, to meet the requirements of projects. This is collaboration, but also a mutual challenge: we explore the wealth of resources and the limits of the tradition, in search of that sign that will be the vehicle of meaning, of the initial idea, in the finished product.