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Foscarini brings to life design and light ideas, the result of a freedom in research, expression and development, without any manufacturing constraints.

Indeed, since it was established, Foscarini has been a company without a factory, one that is therefore free to explore materials and manufacturing techniques suited to develop every new idea, relying on the locallysourced craft-based excellence.

Sometimes the presentation of one of our projects meets with a definite “it cannot be done”: here at Foscarini, we hope to be on the right path, because we have learned that this sentence often just means “we haven’t done it yet”. With the benefit of not knowing why, we start to experiment opportunities, secrets and pitfalls of technologies old and new, together.

This book explains how some of these ideas have become successful products through Gianluca Vassallo’s photographic project and the critical contributions of two experts, Stefano Micelli, an economist, and Manolo de Giorgi, a design critic. We asked them to represent the meeting between Foscarini, the designers and the expert craftsmen, the genuine wealth of Italian design “Made in Italy”.

We are always fascinated by the extraordinary things that can be done by hand and by the fact that people too often forget how attractive and important they are.


Maestrie: the story of Italian know-how

Italian industrial craftsmanship gravitating towards Foscarini through the lens of Gianluca Vassallo: artist, photographer and videomaker. Maestrie is a journey without filters into a land where everything is finally real: emotions, toil, joy, wonder and the ancestral desire to continue to do.

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