Le BHV Marais celebrates Mite and Spokes


A special Window setting, designed by Ferruccio Laviani, will be on display until October 18 at Le BHV Marais: a triumph of colors to enhance two of the most essential lamps representative of Italian design.

The new windows of LE BHV MARAIS, one of the most emblematic department stores in Paris, are a triumph of colors, shapes, form and light. The protagonists are two iconic lamps in Foscarini collection: Mite and Spokes.


MITE floor lamp is a model that has contributed to make the history of decorative lighting, due to its innovation, the elegance of its concept and the particular character of its texture. This model marked a turning point in the use of material, a patented blend of fiberglass and carbon or Kevlar® thread, and represents the beginning of a long-lasting collaboration between Marc Sadler and Foscarini. 


In 2001, together with the Tite suspension model, the lamp won the Compasso d’Oro ADI and now celebrates 20 years since winning the the most authoritative design award in the world, with a new version MITE ANNIVERSARIO.


Mite Anniversario is on display at Le BHV in Paris, on the rue des Archives side, until October 18, 2021 together with the Spokes collection.

Imagined by designer Vicente Garcia Jimenez-Cinzia Cumini for Foscarini, Spokes is a series of pendant lights inspired by ancient oriental domestic aviary lamps, the realization of which is born from observing the spokes of a bicycle wheel. This is where they get their name, Spokes meaning “rays” in English. The result is a lamp with round shapes and light volume, which lets its expressive light intensity filter through space.



“Sometimes a few elements are enough to create a story and this is what I tried to do in the installation at BHV in Paris. The elegance and essentiality of the Helvetica typeface declined in clear and decisive colors, interspersed with two of Foscarini’s best sellers: Spoke and Mite. An overlapping of layers and colors to enhance two of the most essential lamps representative of Italian design.” says Ferruccio Laviani.



Come discover Foscarini in the new window set-up at Le BHV Marais, 52 Rue de Rivoli, until October 18.