Ferruccio Laviani

Dolmen, Orbital, Tuareg

Lamps seen as artistic installations in the interior landscape: a concept which has led to the birth of genuine icons of industrial design.

An architect and designer, Ferruccio Laviani works with companies in both the furniture and the fashion industry, for whom beyond designing products, he also takes care of corporate identity and designs show-rooms across the world.

He is also in charge of artistic direction, communication, setting up exhibitions and events, always with a highly contemporary and recognisable style. He made his début in the world of lighting by designing the Orbital sculpture-lamp for Foscarini, an authentic icon of Italian design, together with his wall lamp version, Bit. The term sculpture-lamp can also be used to describe Supernova, a three-dimensional volume created with two-dimensional surfaces, Dolmen, a piece with a strong symbolic value, and Tuareg, a technological installation inspired by nature.

Products designed by Ferruccio Laviani