Jean Marie Massaud

Lightwing, Solar

Designer, architect and inventor, his design approach focuses on the essential, without neglecting the magic of emotions.

Jean-Marie Massaud has always pursued his personal search for synthesis, simplification and lightness. He works in all fields of design, from furniture, to products, and even industrial equipment.

He is also active in architecture and brand development. He has received a host of major international acknowledgements. Lightwing is his project for Foscarini, which consists of a high-performance lamp with a graphic and poetic shape.

Products designed by Jean Marie Massaud

Dettaglio della lampada da terra Lightwing creata dal designer Jean Marie Massaud per Foscarini
Lampada da terra Lightwing all'interno di un soggioro di design illuminato a giornocreata dal designer Jean Marie Massaud per Foscarini
Coppia di lampade da terra Ligthwing color bianco e color nero che illuminano l'interno di una stanza in stile minimal