Eugeni Quitllet


Mid-way between a dream and a plan, his vision transforms the objects surrounding us, releasing them from mental and physical restraints.

“Disoñador”, an invented word that is a mix between designer and dreamer: this is how Eugeni Quitllet defines himself. Having grown artistically in Barcelona, he is a creator of best-selling objects which go far beyond the simple combination of form and function, exploring the relationship between void and block,

discovering elegant silhouettes hidden within the material, imagining a future that is free from the force of gravity. The topic of weightlessness is truly a passion for him, and it can be found in many of his designs, created for major brands and awarded prestigious international accolades. His encounter with Foscarini led to the birth of the Satellight project, a light that fluctuates in space, captured in a glass bell.

Products designed by Eugeni Quitllet