Atelier Oï

Allegretto, Allegro

A trio of designers whose aim is to overcome the limits between various project and product genres, pooling together several disciplines and materials.

The “Troika” of Atelier Oï consists of Aurel Aebi, Armand Louis and Patrick Reymond.
From the onset, the studio has aimed at breaking down the barriers between the various spheres of design and at emphasising the cross-contamination possibilities of the various disciplines. International projects range from architecture, to interiors, to product design and stage design.

A multi-disciplinary approach, experimentation and a close relationship with the material form the core values of the creative philosophy of Atelier Oï, which has received many international awards. For Foscarini it created the Allegro and Allegretto project, lamps whereby a game of slim metal elements creates unprecedented shapes, harmonies and light effects.

Products designed by Atelier Oï