Foscarini Soho Space


A meeting place in the heart of New York, in the middle of the design district. One that is like a beating heart: thriving on events and installations, as well as pulsing with inspiration for architects, design enthusiasts and aficionados of living beautifully.

Inaugurated in 2013, Soho Space is much more than a showroom; it is a “house”. And, like all houses, on the one hand it expresses the personality of its inhabitants; while on the other, it is a meeting and welcoming place for outsiders – family, friends, acquaintances. After it moved to number 20, Greene Street, in 2017, Soho Space retained its original philosophy: conceived as a container for the brand’s values, with its own specific identity and uniqueness; yet also offering contents – opportunities to tell stories, rouse emotions, stimulate creativity.

“We wanted to convey a message that is closely linked to the brand identity, creating a space that is ready to welcome not just our products, but also installations and ever-changing artistic contributions”, explains Ferruccio Laviani, who devised the interior spaces; “We want visitors to come into direct and immediate contact with the various models in the collection, enhancing the value of their various characteristics and personalities.” Soho Space – which periodically hosts site-specific installations devised specifically by artists and designers – is a Foscarini space, yet one that is open to the city: it welcomes not just design enthusiasts or industry specialists, but also mere curious onlookers. A house, yes, but one that is open to everyone.