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    Venice, Italy


    Installations / Museums & Cultural Spaces

The sponsorship of the Venice Biennale from 2008 to 2015 was an opportunity to explore the versatility of the Foscarini collection, also in responding to the needs of large settings. In the Biennale bookshop, the lamps generated a dynamic and contemporary personality for the industrial architecture of the Arsenale spaces, filling the heights with compositions that play on repetition and modularity. Plass, with its large transparent volume, can convey presence and lightness all in one, while the de-structured volume of Big Bang – within the Foscarini Evolution project – creates unique luminous architectures, which expand its already accentuated scenic value. In the consultation and exhibition areas, Twiggy and Tuareg contribute to creating a more intimate and private atmosphere, perfect for spaces for reflection.


    Milan, Italy


    Museums & Cultural Spaces


    Luca Rolla, Alberto Bertini


    Luca Rolla, Alberto Bertini, Gianmarco Corradi

The Pollaiolo Terrace, inside the museum, is a place of rest – not only for the body, but also for the mind – a place to spend a few hours in contact with beauty. A “starry sky” of Foscarini lamps lights up the terrace with different scenarios that vary according to the time of day.

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