Twiggy: a new colour and a new wood for a lighting icon — Design: Marc Sadler


Delicate and poetic, iconic but straight-forward, natural and high-tech, Twiggy fascinates design lovers since 2006 because of its multi-faceted character. Now also available in a Burgundy color and Rosewood essence it acquires a new, effortlessly sophisticated personality.

A classic that continues to surprise: TWIGGY, with its elegant, supple image, has been a style protagonist for almost twenty years and now dresses up in an intense shade of burgundy, a contemporary, intense and sophisticated hue with a forceful character, and is also available in the wood version in which the base and stem in composite material are combined with a diffuser in the new Rosewood material. The new Rosewood finish – which joins the wood Oak version in the Twiggy Wood range – stands out for its darker, very warm tone, enhanced by the natural grain of the wood and becomes the perfect contemporary lighting solution for classic, timeless interior.

Twiggy rosewood floor lamp
Twiggy Rosewood – floor version

Thanks to the slim arched line that sustains a large diffuser in the air as if by magic, Twiggy and Twiggy Wood are perfect for all kinds of settings and lighting requirements. An ideal choice next to a sofa, in living areas, dining rooms and hospitality facilities, including pubic venues. In the Elle version, which extends the diffuser even further from the base, Twiggy is also ready to shed light on large tables, or in all the situations in which it is impossible to insert a pendant. The natural, warm and appealing presence of wood gives the lamp a different personality, making it perfect for use in spaces where the objective is a refined, soft and relaxing atmosphere. In its suspension version, Twiggy can be placed over a table for effective downlighting, while spreading a welcoming ambient glow upwards.

Twiggy burgundy lettura lamp
Twiggy Burgundy – lettura version