Foscarini at 3 days of design Copenhagen


Foscarini joins 3 Days of Design in Copenhagen presenting its newest design lamps at the Italian Embassy, with a new artistic photo-project.

From June 15th to 17th, Foscarini joins the annual design event that has become a relevant appointment in Europe – presenting a melting pot of Danish brands and international industry leaders within furniture, lighting, and interior design – with an installation hosted in the elegant hall of the Residence of the Italian Ambassador.

Foscarini presents in Copenhagen two new product debuts: Nile, Rodolfo Dordoni’s latest introduction for the brand, and Chiaroscura designed by new Foscarini collaborators Alberto + Francesco Meda.


In the era of LED and invisible light sources, Nile is a statement piece that plays on the balance between contrasting materials, resulting in a highly sophisticated design. Nile features consistency and lightness taking inspiration from the famous bust of Egyptian queen Nefertiti that inspired the product’s name. The lamp combines two elements that bring together nature and skill — marble and hand-blown glass. While Rodolfo Dordoni and Foscarini’s collaboration started over 30 years ago, Nile is the first newly designed product from the designer in decades.


New collaborators, Alberto + Francesco Meda were first drawn to Foscarini for the brand’s innovation. The Medas brings a unique yet complementary tradition of light to Foscarini. Together they introduced Chiaroscura, a triangular structure illuminator made of aluminum extrusions fitted with an LED strip that emits direct light upwards and diffused light to the sides.

“We tried to create an object which had an internal non-visible complexity, but which outwardly appeared simple to the people using it.” – Francesco Meda.


As an ideal homage to the city, the new lamps are presented in a minimal installation of wooden easels conceptualised by Ferrucio Laviani that showcases the new site-specific project by the artist Gianluca Vassallo who interpreted Nile and Chiaroscura lighting up the streets of Copenhagen.