Foscarini Brera Space


The Milanese showroom is an exhibition venue, but also a location for action: it hosts alternating installations, events, and talks on design. Brera Space is a concrete expression of Foscarini’s multifarious personality.

The city: Milan, one of the symbolic historic and contemporary design venues. The area: the Brera district – a neighbourhood for artists, among the most characteristic of the Milanese capital. The site: a building with a special feel and timeless charm. Inaugurated thirty years after Foscarini’s very first collection, Brera Space is designed to be a very special space: obviously a showroom, but also a place that embodies the spirit of the brand, voicing its particular personality. The premises are used alternately to host site-specific installations – i.e. scenes created specifically by artists and designers, to illustrate the values of Foscarini; but also events and talks on design.

This concept of space, which goes beyond the mere displaying of the product, came along hand-in-hand with the route that the brand has always travelled for its brand communication. The intention is not only to present and explain its products, but also to tell stories and convey emotions. Brera Space is open to anyone interested in the world of design and creativity: therefore, not just to industry specialists, but also to curious onlookers of all ages and backgrounds.