Ten years of Inventario: a new issue of the bookzine is available


The bookazine promoted and supported by Foscarini and edited by Beppe Finessi reaches an important milestone with issue no. 15.

The Inventario bookzine – launched in 2010 to investigate the design culture and all its nuances – continues to celebrate the world of creativity with the new issue now in distribution.


Halfway between a book and a magazine, Inventario has confirmed and deepened its unconventional and curious approach over the years — the result is an “outside the box” narrative, with original and critical contributions about any expression of art, creativity, and international culture.


Over the past ten years, issue after issue, Inventario has earned a place in the international publishing scene with quality contents, taste for innovation, and above all the total freedom of research, themes, and in-depth investigations – all from a coherent design perspective.


The publication’s ability to “sum up culturally pressing topics with lightness and illustrating them with a forceful visual identity” has led it to achieve important honours including the Compasso d’Oro ADI award, one of the most renown design prizes globe wide.


“It was 2009, and we wanted to update our house organ. The meetingswith the editor Beppe Finessi, the publisher Corraini, and the graphic designer Artemio Croatto from Designwork – were immediately charged with an avalanche of energy which led to the debut of Inventario in August 2010”, said Carlo Urbinati, president of Foscarini. “Our heartfelt thanks go to all the contributors, for having created a bookazine of thought highlighting “analytical inventories” of projects and aspiring to trigger associations. This 15th issue also marks the completion of a decade of Inventario — we hope there will be many more to come.”


Foscarini is not self-referential with the publication – the brand is only mentioned through the free visual interpretations of international photographers at the front and the back of the bookazine. Rather, Inventario is a vehicle that drives the values of the company; it looks forward to the excitement of probing territories of innovation and research, in turn intrinsically reflecting the spirit of Foscarini.


The original pictures that open and close Inventario issue no. 15 are by the Italian photographer Valentina Sommariva, whose projects focus on identity and relationship between people, objects, and ambience.


In Italian and English, Inventario is available in the finest bookstores all over the world.