Spazio Monforte: exotic animals in the new installation created by Ferruccio Laviani


Amidst large, colourful origami animals and design lamps, the new display design by Ferruccio Laviani for Foscarini Spazio Monforte interprets a pathway of evolution of light in a poetic, ironic way, to send the city a delicate message of optimism.

Inspired by the National Museum of Natural History of Paris, the installation created by Laviani populates the showroom in Milan with large creatures that seem to be made of artfully folded paper. A group of poetic origami animals we can watch as they move amidst the lamps, becoming the protagonists of the space.


“When I am asked about my favourite places, the list always includes a destination that is very special, unique, in my view,” says Laviani, “a place I like to visit, bringing grandchildren and friends: the big Galerie de l’Évolution at the Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle in Paris. This place inspired my latest installation for Foscarini Spazio Monforte, where I have ironically transformed various animal species into large paper origami figures, heading as a group in a single direction, which for me represents the horizon of a positive future. I have made fauna and design interact, demonstrating the various interpretations of light and a sort of ‘Darwinian’ evolution through the company’s design.”


In a peaceful invasion of the space and the shop windows, we find a giraffe, a rhinoceros, an ostrich, a flamingo, an armadillo, a gazelle, an ibis, a hoopoe, which have landed in the centre of Milan, like a dream. The animals seem to be nonchalantly passing through, utterly at ease next to the latest new developments by Foscarini, like the new Caboche Plus, a design icon reinterpreted in 2021 to become more luminous and striking; the table and reading versions of Birdie Easy, lamps that are easy to insert anywhere, thanks to their six different available colours; the theatrical, magical cloud of the Nuée suspension lamp, and the new Twiggy Elle, an icon that is even more flexible today thanks to re-engineering that permits a greater distance between the light source and the base.


A cheerful mise-en-scène that fills the space with movement, light and colour.
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