MyLight: the smart system that lets you control and personalize light


MyLight is the intelligent light that combines today’s technology with the distinctive design of Foscarini to offer unique and individual meanings and uses to mankind and his living environments.

There is a time that exists outside of us. The time of the world in which we live: increasingly flexible, ever changing.

But there is also a time inside of us. A quieter, more personal rhythm, which we try to recreate in our habitat. We enter, turn on a lamp, and let everything slip away. Light is the gateway to our private world, where we return to our own pace.

Foscarini has always envisioned its products as stimuli for relations, storytelling, sharing. Much more than just a light source, a Foscarini lamp is an object that inspires, that creates an atmosphere whether it is on or off. Now, thanks to MyLight, this atmosphere becomes even more intimate, closer to the need to stay in tune with our inner time.


MyLight is the intelligent system that lets you control and personalise light to suit your needs and moods. It is very simple to use: activate Bluetooth on your smartphone or tablet, download the free app and turn on your MyLight lamp. The app detects the presence of the lamp. Touch the icon to turn your lamp on and off, to adjust brightness and colour temperature according to your preferences. Use the Scenes screen to create as many lighting scenarios as you wish. Using the timer, scenarios can be automatically activated or deactivated, even when your smartphone or tablet is off.

Family and friends can download the app for independent control of the lamps, but you are the one who sets their access levels. As an alternative, your MyLight lamps can be controlled using a compatible portable switch (not supplied).


As for larger, more complex spaces– stores, public venues, hotels – the system allows control of multiple networks at the same time, through the set up of a Site, a tool designed to manage a large number of lamps, even on different floors, in an equally simple fashion.


MyLight is available for a wide range of LED models in the Foscarini collection.