Fleur: a dual identity for a lamp that decorates with pure grace — Design: Rodolfo Dordoni


With an essential character, FLEUR is an object with a dual function: the more natural purpose of lighting, and the unexpected role of containing water and a fresh flower, to decorate any space with an added touch of refinement.

FLEUR is the new wireless lamp designed by Dordoni for Foscarini, with elegant, careful proportioning between the two components. The design closely gauges the proportion in the combination of a transparent support and a diffuser with a forceful presence. FLEUR is part of Dordoni’s line of research in which the structural base of the lamp tends to vanish from view, in a dialogue between a displayed body and a less assertive one, where the stylistic exercise lies precisely in the skilful management of the proportions of the two parts.

The objective of creating a lamp that becomes a discreet presence on the table has dictated both the measurements and the choices of finish. The transparency and lightness of the stem – a pyrex cylinder open in its upper portion – are associated with different colours for the light-emitting body: from a more neutral porcelain hue, suggesting fine signature china, to colours with a more lively personality.

When the lamp is on, the light emphasises the profile of the glass stem and is cast onto the table by means of a small LED circuit, the result of exceptional miniaturisation of the components developed by Foscarini.

The focus on clean lines for all the technical parts translates into a delicate project that elegantly performs a function: ideal for domestic spaces and public contexts such as restaurants, thanks to the long battery life and easy recharging using a USB cable.