Spazio Monforte: an unexpected mineral world for a new installation


Ferruccio Laviani transforms Foscarini Spazio Monforte into a mineral world with an intimate, seductive character, to display some of the brand’s most iconic creations.

Mounds of sand in a coordinated palette of colours embrace and frame bestsellers from the Foscarini collection, in a new display designed by Ferruccio Laviani for Foscarini Spazio Monforte. Mineral nuances trigger atmospheres that come alive in the evening with brilliant luminous effects. An intimate, delicate concept that permeates the upper level and the windows of the Milan showroom of this producer of decorative design lamps.


“Of all the seasons, autumn is probably the most intimate, when nature offers us another image of its beauty, through a totally unusual range of colours – says the architect Ferruccio Laviani. – This world and this palette of hues have always attracted me, so they form the leitmotif of this new installation at Foscarini Spazio Monforte. A mineral world, narrated through mounds of sand in various tones, from terracotta to sienna, forming a background and embracing some of the most popular models in the Foscarini catalogue with their intriguing presence, illuminating the hues of a season that suggest aromas of brushwood and moss”.


Foscarini Spazio Monforte thus takes on a new, intense personality that becomes an ideal backdrop for a selection of creations from the Foscarini catalogue. Suspension and table lamps emerge from mounds of coloured sand, resting on opaque white cylindrical volumes.


The protagonists of the first shop window on Corso Monforte are the colourful, nonchalant Binic lamps by Ionna Vautrin, small table models that establish an immediate rapport thanks to their playful forms and intense hues. They are joined on stage by the Rituals suspension and table lamps by Ludovica + Roberto Palomba, featuring particular workmanship of blown glass with light ripples to create a warm, vibrant glow, displayed near the Buds table models by Rodolfo Dordoni, a refined collection in which blown glass is the absolute accent, accompanied by a transparent base to bring out the pure forms.


Other eye-catchers include the theatrical Big Bang suspension lamp by Vicente Garcia Jimenez and Enrico Franzolini, along with the light, dynamic Plena by Eugenio Gargioni and Guillaume Albouy, a model with particular charm, capable of completely brightening a room while retaining its soft, enveloping image.


Behind these presences, the reference to a mineral world emerges in the delicate chromatic juxtaposition of the Aplomb and Aplomb Large concrete suspension lamps by Lucidi Pevere, two offerings that combine refinement and tactile appeal, projecting a downward beam of light.


The narrative plot is completed by the purity of Gregg and the seductive grace of Gem, both by the Palomba duo, while the Mite floor lamp and the very new Mite Anniversario by Marc Sadler, new entry in 2021 to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Mite’s Compasso d’Oro award, are featured in the lateral window facing Via Santa Cecilia.


The new installation will welcome customers and designers over the next few months, accompanying them on a journey inside the design universe of Foscarini, taking part in a panoramic overview of the catalogue, which continues with many other models on the lower level.