INVENTARIO 14: a new issue of the bookzine is available


A new issue for the bookzine created and sponsored by Foscarini and directed by Beppe Finessi: the investigation of the world of creativity continues.

“Everything is a project”: halfway between a book and a magazine, the bookzine Inventario, an original and independent format launched in 2010 to investigate the world of creativity and design culture in all its nuances from a free, unconventional perspective, has earned a place for itself on the international publishing scene, issue after issue. It has thus reached issue no. 14, for imminent release and distribution in selected bookstores: one additional publication, with respect to the original plan. And it won’t be the last.

“When Inventario began, we envisioned a set number of issues, just 13”, Carlo Urbinati, president of Foscarini, recalls. “We thought that an experimental format, by its very nature, would existed over a limited time span. But the strength of the project and the results it has achieved have convinced us to go beyond, with the same energy and conviction”.

The bookzine’s success has been confirmed by important honours, including the Compasso d’Oro ADI award. The acclaim is the result of an “outsider” narrative, with original critical contributions about everything that can be considered innovation, design, art, architecture, research. Created and sponsored by Foscarini, directed by Beppe Finessi and published by Corraini Edizioni, with graphic design by Artemio Croatto / Designwork.

Inventario has conserved its curious, independent approach, the quality of its content, its openness to any expression of creativity and culture, its taste for innovation, but above all the total freedom of its research, its themes and in-depth investigations. One fundamental characteristic, emphasized in the reasoning behind the Compasso d’Oro, is the ability to “sum up culturally pressing topics with lightness, illustrating them with a forceful visual identity and a product of exceptional editorial quality”.

Inventario finds project links among the most unexpected themes”, Urbinati continues. “In this latest issue, for example, we shift from a piece by Matteo Pirola on the ‘Grande Cretto of Gibellina’ by Alberto Burri, from the Bruno Munari of ‘Tutto cambia’ interpreted by Paolo Bocchi, to the fascinating reinterpretation of Corrado Levi on the ‘Veliero’ by Franco Albini, and the refined ‘Green’ by Manolo De Giorgi for the column ‘Hues’, just to name a few of the contributions”.

The cover presents a selection of fans, a leitmotif to explore a “language of signs to construct constantly new narratives”, passing from the “Other Gazes” of Roberta Valtorta, on the photography of Robert Frank, to the exploration of “crafts and fissures” by Chiara Fauda Pichet, between symbolism and architectural technique, the interview by Marco Romanelli with Lorenzo Damiani for “New Masters”, and much more.

The publication never mentions Foscarini – a presence only at the onset and the finish, through the free visual interpretations of international photographers, different for each issue – but it is a vehicle for the values of the company, looking forward with an attentive, curious gaze, the desire to search and the pleasure of probing the territories of innovation, intrinsically reflecting the spirit of Foscarini.

The images that open and close issue no. 14 of Inventario are by the Belgian photographer Katrien De Blauwer, who surprises us with the results of the application of her particular visual language to the narration of models from the Foscarini collection. The “photographer without a camera” works with the collage technique to represent things not as they are but as we see them, to borrow a phrase from the writer Anaïs Nin that ideally guides her work.

In Italian and English, Inventario is available in the finest bookstores all over the world.