MyLight Hotel: an immersive lighting exhibition in London


A new experience takes shape in London’s Oneroom Gallery in Shoreditch.

On the occasion of Clerkenwell Design Week, Oneroom Gallery in Shoreditch will be transformed into a concept hotel to showcase Foscarini’s MyLight smart lighting system. This immersive exhibition – designed by Oneroom Founders, Carlo Ninchi and Vittorio Locatelli – will simulate the daily life of a small boutique hotel. Think Wes Andersen meets David Lynch, unabashedly cinematic and visually spectacular, nuanced by colour and light, this will be a living breathing space with a story to tell.


Guests enter through reception on the ground floor and are offered an opportunity to explore the lounge and bar areas on 1st and 2nd floors, a spacious bedroom complete with bath on the 3rd floor and topping off with the spectacular skyline roof terrace.


The journey through the space will be a sumptuous immersion in hotel design with its rooms enriched by artworks from the 16th to the 20th century, design pieces from leading contemporary brands together with vintage and collectible furniture from Italian masters.


The mixture of colour palettes, design and technology will seamlessly create the unique flavour that is the MyLight Hotel. The spirit and charm of the interior aims to ignite the imagination and show the potential of MyLight lamps by Foscarini, that combine today’s tech with the distinctive design of Foscarini.


The MyLight system offers a solution for residential interiors too. Our homes are now multi-purpose spaces – so whether you run a home/office or have a dedicated personal sanctuary, there are zones that can be customised through using this innovative new lighting system.


Our changing daily needs are task or activity dependent, so these can be enhanced according to personal taste and requirements. MyLight is the smart system that enables control of intensity and colour of light, making it possible for each individual to determine their own special atmosphere 24/7. If you need a bright light in the morning – you have it – or something more atmospheric and relaxing in the evening, you have got it all at the swipe of an app.