Metaphysica: an unexpected installation for London Design Festival


A visionary world of the mind beyond physical reality. For the 2019 edition of London Design Festival Foscarini presents “Metaphysica” a new installation at Oneroom Gallery, in the heart of Shoreditch.

Metaphysica is inspired by the artistic movement developed at the beginning of the Twentieth Century by Giorgio De Chirico. Inside Oneroom gallery, a large Victorian warehouse in Shoreditch, as in a metaphysical painting, objects are portrayed in a dream-like, unexpected way. Contrasts of light and shadow lend an aura of mystery to the scene.


Entering this exclusive experience, designed by Carlo Ninchi and Vittorio Locatelli – founders of Oneroom gallery – in collaboration with Foscarini, the visitor will uncover the latest Foscarini Mix&Match system, alongside brand new lighting products seen for the first time in the UK. 


On the first floor the Foscarini collection of Gem, Gregg and Rituals are staged as abstract glass elements in a sort of still life celebrating Le Muse Inquietanti (The Disturbing Muses), one of Giorgio De Chirico’s masterpieces. On the second floor, lamps come to life: the Foscarini Mix&Match collection is shown in all its possibilities – floor, wall, ceiling and table lights are presented in different colour combinations. Lamps inhabit a three-dimensional, metaphysical theatrical space, made of arcs and passages. On the third floor a selection of Foscarini’s latest lights complete the lighting journey.


The exhibition is open from 14/09/2019 to 22/09/2019 at Oneroom Gallery, 9 French Place E16JB, London.