Foscarini supports Festivaletteratura


For the second year in a row, Foscarini is a proud sponsor of Festivaletteratura.  Held in the fascinating setting of the city of Mantua, it is recognized as one of the most important Italian cultural events.

Five days of meetings with internationally renowned authors, musicians, artists, scientists, designers – sharing a wide and free vision of literature.


Since its first edition, 22 years ago, Festivaletteratura has offered itself as a place of open sharing, without barriers, constrictions or awe. A cultural happening devoted only to creative thinking, spontaneity and sharing. A Festival where authors, artists and designers entertain a real conversation with the audience with the objective of enriching dialogue, reflection, ideas and visions.


Among the speakers that have participated in this edition of the Festival appears Beppe Finessi – director of «Inventario», the bookzine that Foscarini has been promoting and supporting since 2009. Beppe Finessi and Alberto Meda animated the talk “Le idee nascono dalla materia», held on Sunday 8 September 2019 at the Bibiena Theater.


Some lamps from the Foscarini collection have been chosen to decorate some hotspots around the city as well as some special laboratories. The «Girotondo project», an experience curated by designers and illustrators and dedicated to children, has been held at Casa del Mantegna and enlightened through our Cri Cri nomad and playful outdoor lamps.


Supporting Festivaletteratura is a confirmation of Foscarini’s commitment to spreading the strength of innovative ideas and supporting the culture of design and creativity.