Postcards of light from Stockholm


Postcards of Light is a photography project by Gianluca Vassallo for Foscarini that brings design into the streets of Stockholm.

“A postcard to bear witness to the joy of having been there, in the world, of having been there in the heart.” This is the starting point of the new photography project by the artist Gianluca Vassallo for Foscarini, which brings some of the company’s lamps into the streets of Stockholm, transforming them into protagonists and witnesses of the fragments of life brought by every passer-by.

For the period of participation at the Stockholm Furniture Fair, Foscarini has decided to commission Vassallo to make a project that takes design to the streets, a different way of narrating the company’s presence in the Swedish capital through some of its best-known models: Uto by Lagranja Design, Plass by Luca Nichetto, Gregg and Birdie by L+R Palomba, Tuareg by Ferruccio Laviani, Lumiere by Rodolfo Dordoni.

“Postcards of Light” comes from the artist’s recollection of a trip he took as a child, and contains “the desire for someone, at any latitude, someone who is sharing the good fortune of being in the world with me now, at this moment, to be able to feel the grace with which I try to cross it, accompanied in each of my voyages by the light of the world and by the light Foscarini attempts to add, the light made by men, the light Foscarini gives to them. With the hope that just one, even, of the many who pass lightly over the present, will feel the desire to write on the back of these images: thanks for having given me light.”

With this signature photography project, Foscarini confirms its role as a company that acts as a vehicle of culture, more than just products, through actions of communication that are never self-referential, never an end in themselves, but ways to convey higher, wider-ranging values. A free, unconventional, enthusiastic company: a particular sensitivity to art, creativity and design culture is part of the DNA of Foscarini.