FuoriSalone 2017: Fare Luce installation @ Foscarini Spazio Brera.


“FARE LUCE,” (“Shedding Light”), an installation designed by architect Giovanni Maria Filindeu for will debut during Milano Design Week 2017.

The spaces at Via Fiori Chiari/Via Pontaccio have been completely transformed for the occasion. Filindeu created six different settings, each corresponding to different forms of light, drawing on his childhood memories and special moments with light. The end result is a personal and engaging path of discovery for individuals to experience with each evocative vignettes.
“Light and shadows are the most essential elements that can grant meaning to an architectural space, transforming it into a destination,” Filindeu explains. “I intended the effect of being immersed in these environments as a voyage that trigger emotions and memories by the manifestation of light. The path is paced by a specially composed musical soundtrack to structure the experience: each setting becomes a resonating chamber, with its own material, proportions and sound. Music thus becomes the voice of light.”
Fare Luce is a voyage of discovery: a personal, intimate and engaging experience.