Foscarini @ Euroluce 2017


The company is exhibiting in a booth designed by Ferruccio Laviani.

At Euroluce 2017 Foscarini is exhibiting in a booth designed by Ferruccio Laviani, who has come to terms with the challenge of representing the company’s philosophy, creating a space that will remain in the memory of visitors for years to come.“To envision a new booth for Foscarini at the Salone del Mobile means narrating the two sides of the company” – Laviani explains. – “On the one hand, the more creative side, that takes its inspiration from culture, art, the many stimuli emerging in the contemporary world, and in tireless research on original, never banal design; on the other, I wanted to communicate the reality of a company made of technological research, innovation, communication, commitment, including distribution and retail operations. One side is softer, so to speak, while the other is more ‘solid’; an extroverted spirit, as opposed to a more rational approach.”