A kaleidoscope of Spokes —Spazio Monforte, Milan


The scenographic lightness of Spokes is on display at Foscarini Spazio Monforte. A new set-up designed by Ferruccio Laviani underlines the versatility and breadth of the Spokes range, which is now enriched with new shapes, sizes and colors.

Inspired by the observation of the spokes of a bicycle wheel — hence the name — the suspension lamp Spokes designed by Garcia Cumini, has quickly conquered a place among Foscarini bestsellers and is one of the most loved products of the last years.

Considered this success, the Spokes family confirms its vocation for versatility by growing its range. Spokes Collection now includes a total of 5 different shapes and sizes in 5 colors (white, black, graphite, gold and copper).


The lightweight quality of the project combines with the solidity of its forms in metal rod and the practicality of its LED light source allowing it both to light up surfaces perfectly and project an interplay of light and shade onto the walls with a magical multiplication effect. This idea of multiplication — of shapes and sizes, of colors and finishes, of graphic effects, of lights and shadows — is the concept that inspired Ferruccio Laviani in designing the new layout of Foscarini Spazio Monforte.


“The Mirror always carries with it an idea of magic and mystery: not only for its intrinsic capability of reflecting and amplifying images, but also in conveying dreamlike and surreal realities”, Laviani observes. “In this new setting for foscarini Spazio Monforte, I used mirror elements as a medium to communicate both the collection and the space: infinitely multiplying the lamps and modeling the volume of the interiors.”


A scenography that becomes a mazy landscape made of mirroring columns: an invitation get lost, getting carried away by the charm of faceted, multiplied light.