30 years of history in a new Landing Page to celebrate Lumiere


It was 1990 when Lumiere table lamp was born. On the occasion of its anniversary, this video project showcases the most important events of the last 30 years, which Lumiere has borne witness to the changes, as a constantly current and relevant icon which has stood the test of time.

The excitement around Lumiere and its 30th anniversary doesn’t stop. It was 1990 when this innovative table lamp concept was presented for the first time.


Since then, Lumiere has accompanied us on a long and extraordinary journey: years which have gone by fast, years in which the world has evolved and experienced momentous transformations. On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the birth of Lumiere, Foscarini has decided to put together a video-project – first released on our social channels and now collected in a dedicated Landing page – in which the most important events and changes of the last 25 years appear before our eyes.


A unique opportunity to relive in micro-pills videos or in a short film of 15 minutes, a distillation of our recent history, a “repertoire” of facts, people, events and expectations, creative and technological revolutions, style and trend transformations and, naturally, many milestones in the design industry which occur every single year. All of this creates an immense visual phantasmagoria, a flow of sounds and moving images.


And it is Lumiere that will constitute the leit-motif, a piece which throughout the years has borne witness to the changes, an unaltered yet constantly current and relevant icon which has stood the test of time, without being pinned down to a single moment in the history of design.


Lumiere has crossed another piece of history: a history that as always is intense and dramatic, light and tiresome, full of hopes, mutable, surprising, made of ordinary and extraordinary people, collective moments and individual exploits.” – says Michele Calzavara, who coordinated the selection of the contents of the project In a moment of extreme uncertainty like the one we are experiencing today, in yet another ‘break’ in history, Lumiere continues to stand up to time, even the hardest times, and to provide light in our homes. It is a light, optimistic attitude, looking forward to the future, with which Lumiere has accompanied us across the last 30 years. In all probability, this lamp will extend its journey into the next 30 years as well, with the same timely presence – and we too, in the world of design of which we are tenaciously a part, will continue on our path. Happy Birthday Lumiere!”


Discover the new dedicated Landing page!