(IM)POSSIBLE NATURES — an immersive installation at Foscarini Spazio Monforte


A wild and unexpected garden – made of grasses and spontaneous vegetation – takes over the space.

An invitation to take a break, immersed in a landscape that is physical and mental at the same time, nurtured by imagination. At the centre, the new Fregio lamp by Andrea Anastasio. Greenery all around.

“(IM)POSSIBLE NATURES is a dreamy, enveloping experience that forms a setting to present the new project by Andrea Anastasio. A contemplative piece, almost a work of art, the type of object that requires concentration and time to be observed. From the sofa placed at the centre of the scene – a rigorously anti-modern seat – visitors can admire the Fregio lamp overhead, observing its details, letting themselves be swept along, taken elsewhere by those crystallized ceramic flowers,

into a dimension where human know-how merges with the beauty of nature. The gaze is accompanied towards the beauty of nature and the wellbeing we feel when we observe it and sink into it. I imagine the pleasure of closing one’s eyes and living in a dream, in the middle of an outdoor meadow.”

REGISTER HERE to experience the immersive installation (IM)POSSIBLE NATURES designed by Ferruccio Laviani: a destination not to be missed at Milan Design Week 2023.
Foscarini Spazio Monforte
Corso Monforte, 19, Milano
18 — 23 April 2023 H 10/20