Light Years.


Foscarini celebrates 25 years of Lumiere with a video installation at Triennale di Milano. A narrative of a collective history – from 1990 to 2015 – that becomes a story around and through the product.

1990: the collaboration between Foscarini and the designer Rodolfo Dordoni generates Lumiere: a lampshade in blown glass paired with an aluminium tripod, in an innovative reinterpretation of the classic abat-jour typology. Foscarini decided to celebrate the 25th anniversary of this product-icon by looking back on the years of its life. Fast years of major transformations, during which the world has changed.

A video installation projects images on 26 different screens, simultaneously: an “inventory” of facts and personalities, trials and hopes, technological and creative revolutions, changes of style and lifestyle. And, of course, of design milestones: forming a grand visual phantasmagoria, a flux of events and changes that have made our history from 1990 to 2015. Lumiere is the fil rouge that ideally links the various periods and episodes: a product that has crossed the years, remaining consistent without linking itself to one particular moment, running the risk of depersonalisation. With “Anni Luce” Foscarini wants to offer an unusual approach to the interpretation of a design object: which is seen in historical context here – though in a scenario that does not set out to be complete – encouraging the viewer to interact, to direct the narration: the collective story becomes private, prompting memories, associations of ideas, relationships. “Anni Luce” took place in the spaces of the Triennale di Milano from 2 to 30 April 2016, curated by Michele Calzavara and Elisa Ossino.