Fare Luce – Shedding Light Exhibition at Spazio Brera.


“FARE LUCE”: an exhibition at Foscarini Spazio Brera, which explored – in six spaces taking an evocative approach – the dialectic between light and shadow. Curated by Giovanni Maria Filindeu.

“FARE LUCE”, besides being a book-catalogue and an expression of the Foscarini philosophy, was also the title of an installation designed by the architect Giovanni Maria Filindeu at Foscarini Spazio Brera, during Milano Design Week 2017. In the showroom on Via Fiori Chiari/Via Pontaccio, completely emptied for the occasion, six different rooms were built, corresponding to six different forms of light, conceived not only in terms of technical performance, but also in a purely evocative dimension.

Filindeu himself explains the concept behind the installation:
“Light and shadow are the primary and essential materials the world offers to architecture to grant meaning to space and transform it into a true place. Immersion in these environments becomes a voyage that conveys – in space and through space – a world of emotions, memories, experiences, triggered and nurtured by the manifestation of light. The itinerary is accompanied and paced by music composed to bring structure to the experience: each room is like a resonating chamber, with its own material, proportions and sound. Music thus becomes the voice of light. One enters the path from the room set aside for the first encounter with light: a lace sky transforms memory in space, a Sunday afternoon in early spring. Then we enter the room of light and space, where light becomes geometry and transforms the setting. Next we discover the gift of light and light as location: a starting point to which we inevitably return. Light is also energy and force, all the way to the spectacle of the sky, filled with the seven colours of the rainbow, a reward for kids of all ages who have been patient during the rain.”
“FARE LUCE”, an installation as a personal experience and voyage of discovery, was on view at Foscarini Spazio Brera from 4 to 29 April 2017.