Fare Luce - THE FILM - by artist Gianluca Vassallo

FARE LUCE (SHEDDING LIGHT) are two words that describe the essence of Foscarini: two words that represent the company’s identity, its way of being and thinking. Free, unconventional, enthusiastic: in its DNA, Foscarini has a particular sensibility for the promotion of the culture of design, art and creativity. 

This is the context of the video project FARE LUCE – The Film. Fourteen short films, created and produced by Gianluca Vassallo, to narrate different stories: simple, everyday stories that share the theme of “shedding light”. Stories that bring viewers into the universe Foscarini presented during Design Week in Milan in 2017. 
All stories are set in Sardinia in the small towns called: Bortigiadas, Nughedu, San Nicoló and San Teodoro.
Through a very close perspective on everyday gestures, Vassallo narrates his “discovery” of light. Small works of art that leave viewers the possibility of personal interpretation, offering an opportunity to seek the meanings that can be assumed by light inside themselves.