Maestrie: the curtain rises
A new way of telling our story, a new chapter in the history of Foscarini, a focus on a previously hidden dimension, the crafts know-how that lies behind the making of some of Foscarini’s most iconic models. One of the strong points of Foscarini is freedom, both from exclusive ties with designers (Foscarini works with over thirty different talents) and from production constraints, because Foscarini is a company without a factory, which thrives on ideas and imagination. This freedom makes it possible – and necessary – to explore the most appropriate materials and production methods for each new item, to imagine and develop every new idea in the best possible way. A fundamental contribution is provided in this sense by a network of artisans, extremely specialised experts scattered across the Italian territory, who enable the company to find, case by case, the best solutions that can lead to the completion of a new project. A “system” in which Foscarini becomes a vehicle of value and meaning – placing itself virtually at the centre between the creativity of designers, the production skills of suppliers and the market – to develop innovative, successful projects. Aware of the importance and value of this side of the story, Foscarini has decided to create “MAESTRIE”: a wide-ranging project that will include a book/catalogue, involving many different professionals. The artist Gianluca Vassallo, who with his special sensitivity in the representation of the human component, has narrated what it means to “think with the hands”: to transform our perception of objects that come from the hands of artisans “into something alive, to establish a relationship between the universe of those who get their hands dirty, and that of those who don’t”.