Over 50 models, more than 20 different materials and more than 30 designers come together to form a collection  of individual lamps, each with a unique story to address a need with striking beauty. With a surprising visual simplicity, often the result of complicated but concealed technology, Foscarini’s lamps have an impeccable logic  that goes beyond the conventional  and the commonplace.  From its founding, in the early  1980’s, Foscarini has stood out from other Murano glass lamp manufacturers because it did not have its own furnace. Not tied to a particular manufacturing process, Foscarini could pick the most suitable supplier for each project  in question.  This freedom led Carlo Urbinati  and Alessandro Vecchiato, first as designers then as the company managers, to experiment with materials and processes other than blown glass. As a result, the collection could flexibly respond  to a changing world as new  materials and technologies became available.